Who gets the credit for making the website?

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Februari 26, 2016
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Maret 3, 2017
making the website

Making the website via Digitalsynopsis.com

credit making the website

Making the website via Digitalsynopsis.com


Any Internet surfer will check out a website completely before they decide to make a purchase or take any information that the site offers as the truth. This so much information out there, it really is hard for anyone to know whether or not the person who is speaking to them actually has some sort of authority in that area that allows them to speak on it. Some sort of education or experience in the area is what people are looking for. They will often find this information at the bottom of the page or the “credits” section.

When building your website and determining what to put in this section, you will want to make sure you have the publication date and any copyright information that you have. You should also have it linked to your privacy policy so that people can know what it is you do with their information, if they have to input it, and how you protect it from falling into unscrupulous hands. If you have hired designers and/or writers there should be a link to that information as well. You will want to mention who they are and provide a little bit of detail about them without giving too much information to protect their privacy as well.

Perhaps the most important part of the “credits” section is a link that your visitors can click that simply says, “about” or “about us” because this is where people will be able to investigate you as someone who has the specific knowledge that they’re looking for. What you put in this section is completely up to you. Most people will add their e-mail address in this section, or they will have a separate link in the “credits” section that simply says “contact us”.

As stated earlier, this section is usually placed at the bottom of the web page. However, it is not a hard and fast rule that it needs to go there. It really all depends on how your website is designed as to where this information will go. It could be in a sidebar or somewhere along the top. But, regardless of where it is this information does need to be easily accessible to your visitors. Without it, it would be very difficult for your visitors to take you seriously because of lack of transparency on the Internet, to many people, is a sign of bad intentions.

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